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Tamarind is among a small, honored group to have a sampling of our moves incorporated into the FatChance BellyDance Style® belly dance format, and we are grateful to its creator, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman.

As the years have progressed, Tamarind has continued to develop our own unique, improv-based repetoire of movements, group formations, and prop work. Deeply rooted in FatChance BellyDance Style®, Tamarind Troupe Transformations® (TTT®) draws upon those roots in addition to Zoe Jakes' DanceCraft® format, Rachel Brice 8 Elements®, and other sources to create our own tribal belly dance format.

A modern fusion of traditional folkloric dances and other contemporary dance formats, the TTT® format is well suited to improv or choreography in groups or as a soloist.


The Tamarind TroupeTransformations® dance aesthetic is influenced most heavily by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman (graceful display of the body and the clear, organized improvisational vocabulary for groups known as FCBD® Style), Jennifer Nolan (attention to detail, discipline, and grace), Devi Mamak (her poised stage presentation, flamenco stylizations, and her movements), Masha Archer (presentation of dance as "moving sculptural composition"), Zoe Jakes (intense body conditioning, fantastic DanceCraft® format, and amazing inspirational showmanship), Rachel Brice (serpentine and flow stylizations, restorative body conditioning techniques, and choreographic composition), and Tamalyn Dallal (feminine grace in movements, vast knowledge of history of the dance, and heavenly arms and hands).

The TTT® format can work within multiple styles of bellydance as additive movements and group work/solo presentation or as stand-alone components.

Launched in 2018, a complete teacher intensive with certification in the TTT® format was made available for those looking to immerse themselves. Join the growing ranks of those certified in the Tamarind Format. I sincerely hope you will consider joining me!

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900 South 5th Street, Suite 203
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