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Tribal Union has 2 shows! The Friday show is open to all performers and Saturday Pro Show will be featuring the 2019 Tribal Union teachers, special guests, and selected participants. Information regarding the shows, submissions and guidelines are below.

Performer Submission Process: Deadline September 10, 2019

Submissions for either show will be accepted through the performance application. Emails regarding performance inquiry will be directed to the application page.

Performer Selection Process: Deadline September 15, 2019

On September 15, 2019 the application on the web site will disappear and no further applications will be accepted.
All applications will be reviewed and any ineligible applications will be returned to the sender for corrections (see guidelines below). Corrections must be made no later than September 17, 2019 or the application will be discarded.

Performer Information Due: Deadline October 1, 2019

All performance information is due. If you miss this deadline, you run the risk of losing your spot to someone on the waitlist.

The official lineup will be emailed to all performers and sent out for print in the Tribal Union booklet

Performer Guidelines and Requirements:

Each dancer interested in performing must be registered for a minimum of 1 workshop hours by the application deadline of September 15. A professional performance video is requested. The video performance should represent the style in which you plan to perform. Soloists, please send a video performance of just you.

For soloists, the performance time is 4 minutes MAX.
For duets and troupes, the performance time is 5 minutes MAX

Before applying, please be sure you and/or your troupe members are available to perform in either Show. In fairness we are unable to accommodate requests to perform on a specific night.

NO FIRE OF ANY KIND will be allowed.

*Also, our shows are family friendly, you can choose music with lyrics that swear, but be aware there may be children in the audience viewing the shows. Use your best discretion.

Time limits are firm. Please review them and plan accordingly. In fairness to all performers we will ask you to edit down your song length if it goes over the specified time.
Deadlines are firm. A lot of work goes into creating the Shows and to ensure things run as planned, we need the info and completed requirements by the dates outlined.



I (my troupe) was selected to perform, Do I need to Buy a Ticket for the Show?

Performers have free admission to the show they are performing in. Performers are welcome to watch the show in cover-up or non-performance attire, although they will not be guaranteed a seat in the audience if the show has sold out.

Can we use live musicians with our performance?:

Yes! Live musicians add dimension, but please let us know what power or staging requirements they have. Time limits still apply and musicians are responsible for their own instruments.

What if one dancer can't register for a workshop?:

Please contact Super Beth to discuss.

Am I required to perform?

No. You are never required to perform. Opportunities are presented only to those looking to pursue that path.

Request performance Slot: contact Super Beth

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