Friday, August 10 (10:00 - 12:00 a.m.)

Anatomy of the Belly Roll

A beautiful belly roll is so exciting for the audience! It is also very good for women’s health. During this class we will slice and dice it thoroughly. You will find the answers to these questions:
– How and which muscles are used in the undulation process
– Selection of exercises and body practices for mobilization of this area – a diaphragm as our helper – muscles you didn’t know you had
– The good of the belly work
– How to move from the center of our body

Friday, August 10 (1:00 - 3:00 p.m.)

"Earth" workshop

After you shred all things superfluous, you are left with what's yours. After you shred what's yours, you are left with what's true. We'll take this true nature and dance it referring to our roots, our blood, our earthly nature and moves. This workshop is an immersion into authentic movement, female vocabulary of tribal bellydance, the grounded feeling.
IMPORTANT: There will be nothing, not a word on female energies, uterus, existential motherhood etc. There are experts in those areas, you can ask them. Tiana only teaches to dance.

Saturday, August 11 (9 - 4 p.m.) - 6 Hour Intensive

“The way of woman”

This dance laboratory is an exciting path to every participant to travel. This road is sentimental and dramatic at the same time, full of passion and symbols, it's intimately profound.
The dance lab can be roughly divided into 3 complimenting parts: plastique, theatrical performance and tribal fusion style. This is a story of everything female: a woman's joy and her sadness, her home and her dreams. It's the union of the woman with her self and her feminine side, with the powers of the powers of nature and seasons. In Winter the woman is saving her strength, in Spring she is filled with expectation, with power to explode into new life, Summer is the time of color and play, of fun and joy, and Fall is the time of prospering, ruing, gifting, celebrating. And then Winter comes again... the woman once again retreats into the quiet contemplation and restoration. This sacred circle of life is the center of our laboratory, and the circle of life will be internalized with the most ancient art of dance. Be ready for a lot of surprises and a lot of technique info to help you work with every part of the imagery in class. This laboratory is more than a regular dance class - it's and exciting game!
Women of any ages and technique levels are most welcome.

This workshop will run from 9 to Noon and 1 to 4 p.m. (Noon to 1 is a break)

Sunday, August 12 (9:00 - 11:00 a.m.)

ATS ® with tambourines. Basics

In 2 hours of this workshop we will introduce the tambourine, both like a musical instrument and a dance prop. You will learn to hold it properly and to make different sounds of it. And we'll practice dancing slow and fast ATS while holding and playing tambourine. With our guidance you'll discover beauty of classic ATS shapes, poses and moves, perfected by using this charmingly simple item. We'll show you our unique approach to dance aesthetics, how we modify movements to recreate it both clear and tasteful.

Sunday, August 12 (12 - 3:00 p.m.) - 3 hours

ATS ® with tambourines. Performance and combinations

To continue your unforgettable acquaintance with tambourine ATS we created few special choreographies, perfectly displaying all it’s awesomeness. You will find those combinations useful for unforgettable group entrance or epic ending of your performance. You will have an opportunity to try our favorite ways to play with tambourine in circle and chorus. No doubt you will find this interactions super fun and unifying. Also we’ll show you our own elegant versions of some modern ATS moves, slow and fast, with tambourine of course. Instructors: authors and pioneers of idea, inspired ATS teacher and performer charismatic Tiana of Dragonfly Tribe.



Friday, August 10 (3:30 - 5:30 p.m.)

The History Of Bellydance – From Times Immemorial To Now

A 2 hour long lecture on the History of Bellydance – and no, nothing boring is ever going to happen when Tina has anything to do with it! A dancer and a real bookworm, she did a massive research on the roots of our dance form and discovered the most amazing stories that lead us to this workshop today!
We’ll talk about women in caves, Iberian exports, Roman poets, Palestinian mosaics, French pornographers, lying artists from harems, sexy bees, the world’s greatest discovery in a ditch, a puritan ad campaign, a woman named by Hitler to be his personal enemy and many more most unbelievable but true stories.
This workshop takes 2 hours, and be ready to ask questions!

Sunday, August 12 (3:30 - 5p.m.) 1.5 hour

Backstage Pass Out: how to make a show perfect for artists, audiences and venues

Putting a show together is so much fun – and a million metric tons of work! What does it take to put a show together? How do you make it perfect in each and every way without exhausting yourself? What are the backstage secrets that help you run a smooth operation? We’ll talk about putting together a team and discuss the ethics of every party concerned: the organizers, the artists, the audience, and of course the venue.

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