Friday, August 16 (3:30 - 5:30 p.m.) - 2 Hours

Dancing at Renaissance Faires

Speciality of Nea's Tribal; This troupe has over 20 years experience in dancing at Renaissance Faires. They know that the dance space can be very demanding and the audience differs from those at normal ATS events. Mostly you can dance to live music which can be a gift or a desaster, it's up to you to make it special. Of course with special moves which are proven and tested to match this music.

Gabriella will show us how to create dance at Ren faires with a lot of fun for musicians, audience and dancers.

The workshop will be first a part lecture and then dancing.

*Beginner thru Advanced

Saturday, August 17 (12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.) - 3 Hours

Nea's Tribal movement dialect

Nea's Tribal style is based on ATS®, but it is also influenced by other styles and enriched by the flourishing creativity of the troupe members. They are known for their high energy on stage and the special delight they take in dancing. They will bring some special moves, combinations and formations across the ocean directly to you. It's all improv so you can add it to your own style.

*Beginner thru Advanced

Sunday, August 18 (9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) - 2 Hours

Tribal Belly Dance with a Saidi Stick

Gabriellas roots are in Cabaret Style and she learned with an egyptian male dancer. Therefor, the folkloric dance is deep rooted in her dance. As ATS® is inspired by belly dance and used also Saidi music for dance, it is only a short step to use the Saidi Stick for ATS®.

Gabriella prefers the typical Saidi Stick for male dancers because it shows the energy in the best way.

We will learn how to add this prop to our dance with normal ATS® moves, special moves and some tiny combinations. We will start with a short lecture, than learn how to use the Saidi Stick and then add all together in an improv style.

**Beginner thru Advanced.

**You will need a Saidi Stick





Saturday, August 17 (9:30 - 11:30 a.m.) - 2 Hours

Table For 1 ~ ATS® Inspired Solo's

ATS®/Improvisational Tribal Style are not a solo dance styles, they are indeed meant to be performed with a group. To show the connection between not only a group of dancers, but also the connection between dancers and music. ATS® and Improvisational Tribal Style for the soloist is designed to enhance the use of our vocabulary. To make us dance out loud in a sense. Dancing with your music, leading and following still applies, but your dance partners are the drums, flutes, and string instruments of the music being played. For an ATS®/ITS solos to be successful, you must learn to dance within your box, while your box is in motion. We will also cover how to make an entrance, stage presence, and exiting the stage!

*This class is geared toward Intermediate to advanced dancers. We will be working on the Art of the Embellishment! Where to put that extra 'Umph" in your movements to tell your complete story!

Sunday, August 18 (12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.) - 2 Hours

Straight Outta Kansas! Irie Stylizations - (Irie Tribal ATS ® Movement Dialect!)

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore! Keeping it real and innovative with Irie original Movement Dialect and Formations. The moves that we have created are variations of the original ATS ® vocabulary. We will also discuss how to come up with a variation without losing the integrity of form and tradition!

We will play with not only the variations, but how to move, fade, and change leads to continue to offer a high energy performance without missing a beat! Be prepared to laugh, flip, and twirl a bit. We will also cover briefly the zill patterns that accompany these moves!

*This workshop is geared toward Intermediate to Advanced Dancers. Knowledge of FCBD® vol. 1-7 is helpful.





Saturday, August 11 (4 - 5:30 p.m.) - 1.5 Hour

Picture Perfect"

TAs a not only a bellydancer for 14 years, but also as a professional bellydance photographer, Carrie often hears “I always hate how I look in my performance photos!”. In Picture Perfect, she discusses some simple things that you as a dancer to give your audience your best performance face, but ways you can help your photographer (or videographer) get the best opportunity to capture you on stage! We will discuss/workshop:

  • Giving good face
    Eye contact
    Connecting with your audience
    Flattering body positioning
    Breath in your dance
    Using the stage to your benefit
    Light and why it’s so important

This is a lecture workshop that I promise you will go home with actionable things you can use for your dance practice as well as for organization for dance events! Bring a pen and notepaper!


Super Beth


Friday, August 16 (1 - 3 p.m.) - 2 Hours


Those fabulous little zils we wear on our fingers are the musical instruments that can be a challenge to master. In this workshop, we’ll explore how practice, technique, and math can improve our Zil-Skills. With practical application, we’ll work through movement and zil patterns that dancers can take home for practice or stage. (Beginner on up)

*Beginner thru Advanced

Saturday, August 17 (11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.) - 1 Hour

Lunch and Learn - Working from the Inside Out"

This workshop was selected by our fellow dancers! Special for attendees.

Enjoy our Build-Your-Own Sandwich Bar (or pack your own lunch) and stop in for this discussion. From seemingly opposing perspectives, Super Beth will discussion how we can transition from hobbyist to professional dancer while maintaining healthy body as we age, and how taking care of ourselves allows us to shift our focus from self to others during this journey.

Part practical advice, part soul searching, and full knowledge sharing of her journey to assist you with yours.



Jocelyn "Sauce" Fait


Saturday, August 17 (8 - 9 a.m.) - 1 Hour

Sunrise Stretching"

Stop out for a little self care with the Sunrise Stretching!

Sunday, August 18 (8 - 9 a.m.) - 1 Hour

Sunrise Stretching"

Stop out for a little self care with the Sunrise Stretching!

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